Snowdrops symbolise hope and anticipation of Summer
Spring is coming!

Spring is nearly here, right? There are snowdrops peeking through outside and I can hear a distant lawnmower in between the bouts of rain, hail and wind strong enough to stop me leaving the office ever again because, well, frankly, I straightened my hair this morning! I never learn.

It’s been a dark, miserable, long old month. Heating cranked up, sleepless nights as the windows rattle in the storm and strange noises abound as bins topple over and gates slam. Despite all that though, the snowdrops are standing proud, ready to be battered again this weekend. Fearless in their determination to thrive and blossom no matter what life chucks at them.

We can learn a valuable lesson from the intrepid snowdrop of course. Despite being fragile and woefully underdressed for Storms Ciara and Dennis, they are still getting on with what they do best – proudly signalling the start of a ‘change’. A change in the weather, a change in the temperature and a change in mood. Life-affirming stuff. 

After the snowdrops come the crocuses and then it’s the daffodils’ turn. And that folks, is Summer! Phew! We can now leave the house in less clothing than Scott on his final expedition and the whole world feels positive once more. Hobbies, days out, weddings, it’s all to come and that is what I love about Spring — it’s the hope, the teeny bit of sunshine signalling something different. A promise of more and of embracing life after hibernation. Everything’s just better in the sunshine isn’t it? Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is a mood killer for sure. Now with that small glimpse of a snowdrop’s delicate head, I want to make lists and plan and venture out (on a non-straightened-hair day obviously) and feel some sun on my skin for the first time in what feels like a blo*dy age.

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