Urgh.  I mean seriously.  Urgh.

How is everyone feeling?  Blah? Really BLAH?

We’ll admit in Game of Life Bingo, we did not see this coming in 2020!
Pandemic, Lockdown, World War 3?!  

It all feels very overwhelming and quite surreal, doesn’t it?  

For those feeling down about it all here are some tips to lift the mood and do something proactive:

Do something

There is no truly altruistic deed
Helping others is actually scientifically proven to make us feel better.  If you want to offer support to the people in Ukraine then click here for a really useful article of advice and links.  It’s worth noting that there are millions of innocent Russians also suffering at the moment.  Those risking their lives protesting the war, those who will inevitably have relatives and friends across the border.  War is never cut and dry and we really must remember that.

Talk it out

We all need somebody to lean on

“It’s good to talk” as a gruff-voiced cockney actor once told us. True story though.  When is the last time you sat and had a good old natter.  A catch up.  An old fashioned chin-wag? And no, texting or whatsapp chat doesn’t count.  In person.  Face to face.  No distraction. If the answer is “ages” or “actually I don’t think I can remember” then that needs to change and pronto.  Schedule a call, a zoom, a facetime, book a table.. Whatever it takes to get you and someone else in a room where you can both talk.  Really talk.  You will be astounded as to how good it makes you feel to be truly heard and listened to.  And it will feel just as good to provide that reciprocal service, too.


Ah, push it, p-push it real good! (you’re welcome!)

The one thing we all KNOW we need to do and yet it gets pushed right down to the bottom of the pile doesn’t it.  With the amount of online videos, tv channels and facebook pages all dedicated to getting the nation moving, there’s no excuse really.  Gyms are expensive but if you’re already paying for internet or Netflix then you can easily exercise at home.  And before anyone complains about not having enough space to start running from corner to corner of the living room, there are WALKING videos to do too.  Get amongst it and then Google “endorphins”, you can thank us later.


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Photo by Ann H from Pexels

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